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Our baby room is design to provide a comfortable and safe environment for your baby to grow and develop. All of the equipment and resources have been specially chosen to help your child’s stages of development. The main purpose is for them to play and have fun, but learning experiences are introduced subtlety to allow your child to flourish during their vital years of discovery.

We will work closely with you to find your child’s likes and dislikes, any special dietary requirements, allergies and any other information that will help us to make your child’s transition to nursery as comfortable as possible.

At the end of each day, when you come to pick your child up, a member of our team will provide a verbal report; We also have parents evenings to keep you up to date

Our room leader will be more than happy to chat with you; why not pop in or give her a call?

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Smiles Nursery Billingham
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01642 803190

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